Simply Better Than The Rest At Making You Money

Increased Productivity

Comfortable employees are productive employees. One of the most powerful ways to increase profit is to increase productivity. 

Price Can't Be Beat

These premium mats are available at a low price point because we wanted to make them accessible to everyone.  

Worker Satisfaction

Workplace morale and worker retention are the foundation of successful organizations. Happy employees do great work.

The Price Of Fatigue

Employee fatigue is one of the main reasons for mistakes and accidents. Reducing that pays for itself.

We did the math.

If you increase the productivity of only 1 worker by only 5 minutes per day, that is equivalent to 25 minutes per week, 100 minutes per month and 1,200 minutes per year. This equates to $700 per employee, per year. The cost of a mere 2 Stand-Safe mats!

Plus Energy to go back to doing what you love…

About Stand-Safe

Stand-Safe is a revolutionary approach to worker comfort and safety. Made by Ergo Advantage, who has been manufacturing premium industrial floor mat systems for 25 years. Our mission is to design and manufacture high quality, innovative floor mats for every use. And make them in an environmentally sustainable way.

We knew that environments such as food and beverage manufacturing, healthcare and many more required a mat that provides much needed comfort and support to standing workers in an affordable durable material that is easy to move and easy to clean.

So we set to work and designed a mat like no other available today. 

We went through a lot of prototypes before our engineering team landed on these models. They are the perfect combination of comfort and cleanability.

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The Comfort Mat

Anti-Fatigue mat for use in most applications that do not require drainage, such as pharmaceutical settings and line worker stations.

Available in: Black, Blue & Grey

The Drainage Mat

Anti-Fatigue mat made with holes for use in wet and sometimes messy environments, such as food processing or preparation facilities.

Available in: Black, Blue & Grey