Comfort Closed Mat

USFDA Compliant

Tested in accordance with the most rigorous standards.

The Most Comfortable Mat You Will Ever Own

The leg structure of the mat was designed to disperse the weight of a worker evenly over the entire area of the mat, providing extraordinary skeletal support.

The surface compression domes causes micro movements of standing worker’s leg muscles which encourages blood flow and inhibits fatigue.

Unique Design Dissipates Liquids

The surface structure prevents liquids from pooling. Whether during cleaning or during normal use, liquids will not stay on top of this mat.

Special channels were created underneath to allow liquid to drain away. Mats stay in place and stay dry.

Anti-Microbial Cleans Easily

Designed specifically for messy environments. Just lather and rinse. This mat will endure most cleaning regimens in the food industry.

Embedded anti-microbial ultra-fresh additive prevents any mold or mildew from collecting or forming on or under the mats.


Hangs to Dry

Only 14lbs and easy to hang to dry, at the end of a shift rinse it off and easily lift to place in a designated drip dry area.

Patented horizontal or vertical hangers that are a perfect-fit accessory. Available to order right here.



TPE Chemical Resistance Chart

Above chart is intended as a general guide. All chemicals and cleaners should be spot tested for compatibility before use on product.

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